Welcome to Lancashire Shepherd Huts and thank you for visiting our site. As our name suggests we are based in the heart of Lancashire, not far from Pendle Hill. All of our huts are individually designed meaning we can work together with you to create the perfect hut for your needs. The addition of a Shepherd Hut in your garden can give you the extra space that you need without the cost and hassle of an extension or house move. Our Shepherd Huts are the perfect space to relax and read or more practically make ideal offices, play areas, guest accommodation, whatever you need it for we can make it possible. As you read through our site you will see how we create the huts, what sort of materials we use, how we can design a hut for you and even hand make the furniture to use inside your hut.

Shepherds Huts

Your space, Your choice

If you have a design in mind and would like to discuss your ideas with us please do not hesitate to contact us for a chat. We usually have a hut in build in our workshop for you to come and see you can find us here. Our prices start from £7000.00 however as we offer a bespoke service we find it simpler to quote based on your needs and not what we think you will need. We can also include electric hook up points.

We Build Huts To Meet Your Requirements

Our Shepherd Huts can be designed around your needs. A day bed, bunk beds, small kitchen area or even an artists desk anything is possible. We will work with you to make your dream a reality.

As our entire range is fully bespoke when you decide to commission a hut through Lancashire Shepherd Huts you can be assured that the build is of the highest quality and lovingly created.

The Pendle Shepherd’s Hut is clad in timber and fully weatherproofed. It can be painted in the colour of your choice. The window frames and stable door on this hut are left natural and oiled but can also be painted if required.

The Riverside Shepherd’s Hut was built with tradition in mind. The corrugated finish is perfectly in-keeping with the huts of yesteryear yet the modern paint finish gives it a quirky edge.

Build Process

Small but perfectly formed
  • Garden Retreat
  • Kids Hideaway
  • Guest Lodging
  • An Office
  • Summer House
  • Yoga Hut
  • Sauna


Unique pieces handcrafted to any size or shape.
Decorative storage

Decorative storage

Hand crafted, bespoke furniture

Custom built furniture

Custom built furniture

Unique, table and chairs

Shepherd hut accessories

Shepherd hut accessories

Bespoke, foot stool

The History of the Shepherd Hut

How the huts began

The original shepherd’s hut that we base our own huts around was usually quite a small hut. This hut became a lifeline for the shepherd tending his flocks, high up on the moorlands in often harsh weather conditions. The hut would have been equipped with a stove, chair and some sort of sleeping arrangement. Importantly there would have been a large window to keep watch over his sheep and a stable door so that with the top open a few inches he could listen out for his flock.
The strong axle with cast iron wheels enabled the hut to be moved along with the sheep whilst they grazed fresh grass.
There was nothing fancy about the original shepherd huts, they were there to be used for very practical reasons although the warm stove and chance for a drink and a rest must have been a welcome haven for the shepherd. Indeed the warmth of the stove away from the winds would have revived many a new lamb.

About Us

A little bit about me.

From an early age I have been interested in crafting items out of wood and working with my hands. I have made everything from furniture, rocking horses and on an even larger scale, have built barns on our small-holding. I have always loved the challenge to create what I have in my mind’s eye and never need to work from plans.

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